I’d remembered what all the buttons and levers do

Had a nice leisurely lie-in. Which is deadly as my brain goes into heavy ‘REM’ mode and I get weird dreams. The rent boy I banged was worth it though. Had breakfast, coffee, then looked at the weather. It’s been the first day with low winds for about three weeks, so sent a text to Captain James. Shifted all the furniture around the lounge again and started painting the skirting boards, it was not adhering well. Got a reply back and booked in for 3PM. Changed all the sockets for the carbon ones and then headed off to Staverton. We had a play for around an hour, I could still fly, actually I could still fly pretty well, no issues with maintaining height of airspeed, so we did some tricky manoeuvres, including landing in a quarry and then on a pinnacle, finished off with an autorotation. May do a trip out with Ben next somewhere in the south west, need to plan mothers final flight, where I loosen the seat and eject her out the door. Came back and discovered I’d done two coats using completely the wrong paint. So then spent two hours with the correct paint after I’d found it in the garage. So skirtings all done now, really it’s just some touching up, the bay window and some minor electrics left. I have about three weekends in which to do it, so pretty much on target. I’m cooking tonight, so curry, here we come.

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