I presented to a wall twice, the second time it didn’t ask any questions

So after last nights sex, which to be honest was more performance art and less eroticism, the two people taking part may have well been in different time zones. Started on time. All about the presentation today really. So started off with a complete run through, then did some edits and did another one. This actually took quite a long time to get right. Did a few more CPU grabs as well. Walked Sasha. Did a bit more and sent it off. Fixed a couple of odd issues with my compute shader. Then went out early evening to do an odd geocache quite some distance away. It was a muti-cache and ended up doing the last bit near enough in the dark. Still got home and did a bit more work. Had a shower. Now it’s torture porn night. Oh, the game I’ve been working on for three years, it’s now been released to manufacture, in other words it’s gone ‘gold’ and will be released May 7th. Time for some wine.

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