I have to say goodbye to the tortilla chips, before I turn into one

Started off looking at cubes, colour cubes, I do live a fascinating life. Most of the day was taken up by that and some bug hunting on a certain console. Walked Sasha, she went for a nice long one round the duck pond. Dillon however decided he wasn’t going anywhere, growled and ate his harness. Stuck some fuel in the car for tomorrow. Walked to the gym, did Pump, no PT tonight as I’m still building back up again after the break, but will do it next week. Walked home. Did yet more work. So I’ve knocked up four hours overtime again this week. My tally is over fourteen hours over now. I must stop eating tortilla chip crisp things. I reckon I’ve eaton over twenty kilo’s of the things in the past couple of months. The only way to stop eating them is to just to make sure I don’t buy them, so I haven’t. Pizza time. Lots of flying tomorrow.

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