I have new running shoes, so no excuse to not go running

So started Saturday with a text message telling me where I was going. So sat with a map and the wind spot charts and planned it all out. Drove up to Staverton, where we went through doing it all again in a different way. Jumped in the new R22 and off we went. This time though however I got it absolutely spot on and found all three targets. So very pleased with that all in all. Drove home and got the house ready for a bit of a party. We had a few people round, got very pissed and had a BBQ. It ended up playing Sing Star on the giant projection screen. I actually won a couple of rounds.

So got up this morning, had coffee and read the paper. Then attempted to get Jamie’s PC working. Re-seated everything, but it was very much dead. So we went to the computer fair down the road and picked up some new bits. I then spent all afternoon putting it together. It works fine, but Jamie is now moaning that he can’t find a Windows 7 CD which matches his install. If he looked after his stuff then he wouldn’t have any issues in the first place.

Went for a run. Did a few bits and then went for another one. Have new running shoes. They appear to work fine.

I’m having a bath.

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