Four years and she’s still mostly a pain in the ass

So on Facebook this morning it came up with a ‘memory’ which was Sasha coming home. So we’ve now had her four years, she still jumps up at people and still can be funny around other dogs. Work wise, bit of a mix, doing lots of things which meant I got sod all done. Walked Sasha, when we got up to the Aztec roundabout a husky and a Jack Russell came running towards us. Wagged tail at Sasha and then promptly crossed the A38 over five lanes in front of all the traffic, thankfully it never got hit. A man running came up round the corner with a lead, he was actually the owner of Tia another husky, I thought it was his, but he was in a car and spotted it and had a spare lead so jumped out and got this one and picked up the Jack Russell, then a dog walker woman with a van parked up and took both dogs away. They had no identification, no idea where they came from. She was going to take them to the vet to get their chip read. All very strange. Walked to Iceland, the freezer centre, not the country. Picked up pizzas. Did a bit more work and then went for a nine mile run. Had a shower. Time for some porn.

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