Either my mug tree has shrunk or I’ve gained some more cups

Jamie did a fairly bad job of playing with Mr fully articulated rotor system, still never mind, it was better than having a semi rigid teetering one. Work today was all about crash dumps, not very exciting, but quite interesting in places. Walked Sasha, short today as it was very gloomy and I was very busy. Stuck petrol in the car, that’s the last of the supplies now. New stopwatch arrived, for doing the nav with. Did some nice placards for my map. Everything is in place now. More flying tomorrow and another bloody exam, I thought I saw the last of those. Got a few bits to perfect tomorrow. Now I know something you don’t. Actually I know a hell of a lot you don’t, but in the same way, you probably know quite a lot I don’t. As some president once said, ‘There are known knowns, known unknowns and now we have unknown unknowns’. I’m not sure where any of this lies.

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