Day 2 and still no poo

Didn’t have a very comfortable night, but I’ve had a lot worse. Had a bit of a headache for about 10 minutes, more dehydration than anything else I think. Then it was off with the bloody Aloe Vera and to work. I’ve mastered it now, you just mix it with concentrated orange squash and down it like a shot. It then just tastes a bit like ‘orange juice with bits in’. Had the fibre ‘shake’ and all the pills. Took Sasha out lunchtime and it hailed. So went out for an evening walk. Knocked up two hours in total exercise today. Feel fine. Haven’t had a poo though or even the urge to have one. I would have thought that with ‘detoxing’ it would be firing out like a water cannon, but nowt.

This evening I actually sat down for two hours with a notepad and coloured pens and did some proper ‘studying’ for about the first time in twenty odd years. So actually making some sort of effort on these exams now. I think that’s in then. Upload today’s video and have a shower. Sasha at day care tomorrow and it will actually be nice to eat food again. Oddly it’s exactly the same food I would eat normally during the week anyway. I reckon I have enough Aloe Vera to last until next Thursday, so I’ll run it until then, then get hammered Thursday night.

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