Could never resist a gadget

First, yesterdays issues have now been resolved, it all revolved around me being required to teach people something I’m not really interested in, in far reaches of the globe. They’ve now found someone far more suitable than me to do it, I would have thought practically anyone. Still at least I can get back to what I normally do now. May be twenty years ago, if I didn’t have a house and a young family. Anyway, got on with stuff, now finally on top of the last projects bug list so on to new stuff again. Got to a point where I can start on stuff again tomorrow. Walked the dogs, then decided to pop out and pick up some pizzas or tomorrow and a new gadget. Now I’ve been looking at these for a few days and Argos happen to have them at a good price. So I now have a ‘Fitbit Surge’, this is a watch with a built in heart rate monitor and GPS. The heart rate monitor is quite nice as it doesn’t require one of those chest straps, it works by pulsing a light into the veins and sensing the flow, clever stuff. So after work I went for a 14.5 mile run, only the second over half-marathon distance run this week. About 1600 calories in just over two hours. It seems fairly accurate and of course is linked into all the apps. You wear it 24 hours a day and it just maps your activity throughout it. It will be interesting to see what readings I get for a whole day. Did the shopping for tomorrow, I’ve actually got a curry on Sunday if I get all the required exercise in.

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