As the one thing I really love is a crowd

We got up and walked the dogs. I then ventured into town as I was after some shoes. It was the harbour festival and it was heaving. Walked through Queen’s Square, it was horrendous. Failed to but any shoes. Came home, showered and then we walked to Lisa’s where once again I drank my own bodyweight in lager, which is getting a tad boring now. We didn’t leave until gone 4AM.

So this morning wasn’t exactly a rocket start. I had a couple of coffees and read the paper. We then took the dogs to the field and they played with the ball for a bit. Came back and had lunch. Then headed to Severn Beach, cocked up a bit with the GPS there as the caches for that area were not stored, so actually headed slightly further back towards home and did a few outstanding ones that way. It was a lovely afternoon. Came back and did some gardening, then cleaned out the lizards and did the accounts. I’m now going to have a bath. The excitement.

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