Apparently I’m getting very defined dimples

So spent another night in peace and quiet, mind you I was quite pissed. Which meant I started work before 9AM. Had a good run on the lighting today and got all of it working. Jamie was home, which meant he spent most of the day on the couch doing nothing. Still no sign of washing since about March. Walked Sasha, weather was a bit grot so kept it fairly short. Did mean I had less hours to do though. Walked to gym, did Pump. Then a good session with Laverne, she keeps touching me up and talking about ‘how engrained my V is’ and ‘how big my dimples are getting’. That’s what twenty bottles of wine a week and thousands of tortilla chips do to you. Anyway, I look good in a mirror, that’s what’s important. She and Dave are coming New Years. I’l get her pissed and on the karaoke. Walked back and did a bit more work. I’m now in credit by about fifteen hours. So tomorrow I have a weird, but rather important meeting first thing, with a guy called Ben, he’s apparently very handy with his er, hands.

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