Almost got caught out in my own downwash

So this morning started fairly normally with breakfast and coffee. Then soon up to Staverton, for part two of the weekend. I got into it fairly slowly and calmly. We took off and did an auto on the first circuit then a normal second circuit. James got out, then I had an hour to play by myself in quarter of a million quids worth of helicopter. I started off with a couple of circuits, the first one was way off for landing, second was absolutely bang on. Then I did some hovering, knocked out a couple more circuits, then more hovering. Finally finished off with two circuits. On the last one I got caught out by a cross wind, which suddenly then turned behind me. I was in serious vortex ring territory and everything was shaking. But knowing the signs I got out of it and just increased the forward velocity, scary for a bit, but recovered nicely. Today I was in charge of the helicopter, it was no longer in charge of me. Before I knew it, my hour was up. Drove back, had lunch, got petrol. Then we took the dogs out to the field. Came back and did a video for Jamie’s channel. Changed the bed. Had a bath. Now waiting for Jamie to cook for me, could be interesting.

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