A technical walk around the R22 – probably as riveting as it sounds

Today was mostly about cubes and them being in the wrong colour space. Why can’t artists get colour spaces? Surely that’s their thing? My DVD turned up, this is the one where Dick Sandford goes round the Robbie and pokes bits. I have to learn the entire thing inside out by the weekend. I’ll watch it tonight, with a glass of wine. Still got a load of other facts and figures to learn as well, 1370 lbs maximum weight, 900 lbs empty weight. 23 gallons (US) of fuel, need to calculate all the weights and balances, in my head, on the fly. Just hope the examiner isn’t a fat git and throws all my calcs out. I’ve flown over about 500 square miles of the Cotswolds on Google maps. I’ve flown over about half of that for real, I’m trying to remember every little town and every little detail. The examiner can dump you anywhere in a 50 mile radius, it will be an interesting challenge and if my air-speed and altitude control are as bad as they were on Sunday, finding the location is going to be the least of my worries. Still a nice day today. Walked Sasha, went for run, very cold now though, shivering.

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