8 Mile

Not a bad nights sleep, the wine helped. Work was all about profiling buffer formats, some interesting results. Have to use one format on one console and the other one has a different one. PC is so bloody quick you can use what you want. All thats done now, some bugs to fix and a couple of new bits to add. Horrible cold day. Walked Sasha in the rain. Did manage to go out for a short five mile run, it was cold but dry, also a good way to clear my cold, get the blood running through the veins. Spent the evening cutting up the covers for the trunking. All done now, need to plan the cable layouts next and mount the network switch. While doing that I watched ‘8 Mile’, which is a film I’d been meaning to watch for probably about ten years, it was actually very good, battle rap with M&M, did you know rap stood for rhythm and poetry? There you go, educational as well as dull.

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