10,000 steps. Bugger that, I managed 30,000

So this morning started with the usual coffee, breakfast for three and reading the paper. Took the dogs for a walk. Then walked to the other end of town to do a home check for a kitten. Walked home, had lunch and then walked all the way to Cribbs to do a home check there for a dog. Then walked to the shopping place thing and did three Shauns. Walked to Argos and got some new kitchen scales, exactly the same as the old ones. They lasted a number of years of abuse. Sorted out my syncing issues between fitbit and myfitnesspal, so hopefully that will fully work now. Walked home. So by the time I was on to the home check this morning I’d knocked up 10,000 steps. By the time I got home I’d knocked up 30,000 steps and 12 miles of walking. Did the accounts. Feel quite tired, tomorrow I think I may do some walking.

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