So that was Christmas

Okay, so we basically stayed in bed until 1PM. And why not. Everyone was let out and fed, there were no complaints, we read stuff and failed to have sex. Eventually we did get up and walked the dogs in the rain. Then the dogs got their crimbo jumpers on and we packed the car up. It was a horrible wet journey down. When we got there Sasha was her usual pain in the ass, Dillon was fine. I got the Monty Python DVD, also got some extras from Jamie, one of which was the midi controller which I was just so after, so all set now. Much buffet food was eaton. Drove back in the wet. Then we played with battle hamsters, didn’t really get the point of them. Made some drinks and we watched the DVD. Now, we all know (okay, may be it’s just me) every word to every sketch they’ve ever produced, which I must say was probably more than the cast did, they lost it all over the place, but that only made it funnier. But it was a great couple of hours, I’ve seen the sketches a thousand time, but it doesn’t matter, so had the whole of the audience, but they sold the O2 out ten times over. At the end of it was one final bow and the customary ‘Piss off’. It is probably the very last time they will ever perform together, but they didn’t half bow out in style. I tip my hat to you. Tomorrow is the weekend, then basically it’s the whole of next week off. But that was Christmas, it was a good one.

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