So I spent the evening with my giant douche

Started at a reasonable time. Getting close to pre-cert build, very in fact, it’s tomorrow. So lots of buggering about with certification issues. Mainly to do with GUI scaling. Such is the excitement of my life. Captain James sent me a text and said he would call me tomorrow about Saturday, so God knows what’s going to happen then. Weather has all been a bit shit. Saturday is currently looking perfect with low wind. It will probably all go horribly wrong tomorrow and armageddon will occur. Walked the dogs, move wine bottles around the garage.

Went for a run. Came back and then washed out sixty odd bottles with my giant douche and bottle dryer. The white is unit clearing. Hopefully that will be ready Tuesday and then I can bottle that, then Thursday for the red. I need ti clear the garage out the weekend, so I have room for the bath. Somewhere I also need to stick in about one hundred and twenty bottles of wine. Plus I need to do my Naked Wines order, that’s another two hundred and forty quids worth of the stuff.

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