So he’s sat there watching a man fist a chicken

So this morning I woke up at 5AM. Then got up at 6:20AM. Waiting for the absolute mass of traffic, I got to daycare with Sasha at 6:40AM. I was back in bed by 7 and then up by half eight. The cleaners arrived just before nine. I was determined not to do any work other than fix a compile error left over from last night. In the end I managed to knock up an additional three hours. Did some other productive stuff though. Finally burnt a backup of the arcade machine to blu-ray, that’s only taken a year. Moved some USB drives around and reformatted them, the iMac now has 15 terabytes of storage, so should be fine until at least the end of January. Setup traktor pro again and moved all the audio to an external drive. Also installed the new version of garage band, which looks quite interesting. Talking of which my new toy turned up, that’ll wait ’till next year or at least further in the week. We went to Tesco’s to buy more items we didn’t require. Mother was there, I think we managed to dodge round her several times. She was crouched over a shopping trolly looking somewhat like Cruella Deville. Jamie went in the pound shop and bought me stocking fillers. I walked Dillon, picked up Sasha then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening just playing on the iMac, moving some stuff around, having great fun with Traktor, then eventually edited new video, it’s only a short one, but will be live tomorrow. I’m now going to have a bath while Jamie prepares a ‘Buffet’, which has enough food for about twenty people. Sarah, you could end up with an absolute shit load tomorrow. Oh and the above quote? Well that came from the Dan & Phil games channel where they were playing ‘The Sims’. Anyway, Christmas day tomorrow, soon it will all be over and I can go back to work. Bah Humbug.

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