Shiny shiny

Started the morning at a fairly sensible time and pretty much cracked straight on. Which is pretty good for a Monday. Working on shader stuff still, but this time it’s the code side of it, which is a mot more interesting. Got a lot done, doesn’t work yet, but there is an end in sight.

Walked the dogs, it’s bloody freezing. Even in the office it was cold.

Went to the gym and did combat. Came back and did a bit more work. Then it was back to video editing. I managed to achieve something fairly complex on Final Cut Pro then I couldn’t get jump cuts to work. I think it needs a few more hours work, enjoying it though, managed to crash it once.

Then I got my shiny shiny new toy out. Macbook Air. All setup with email and Final Cut Pro. Still can’t find a nice image editor. I’ve downloaded ‘Gimp’, will have a play with that. This thing is so thin and the battery appears to last forever. The keyboard however is an ass to type on if you have long index finger nails. Crack on again tomorrow.

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