Round and round and round….well actually square and square and square

Got up and did some vague work for a couple of hours. Packed away the shopping. Then drove to Staverton. Straight into circuits, I lost count of how many I did. A few I came in a bit too quick and one was a bit closer to a vertex ring than I’d like. But overall not bad really. We then finished off with a load of auto rotations on final. Again, all pretty good, flared too early. But when you are approaching the ground at 12MPH you don’t really want to hit it. So more practise required there. Next couple of flights will be pretty much the same, just get all the safety procedures down to instant reactions. Weather wasn’t particularly good either. Traffic on the M5 on the way back. Had lunch. Did more work.

Then it was off to the gym. Did Pump. Followed by a very heavy session with Laverne. Not heavy in we discussed Proust, but heavy in the weights used. I now have massive muscles above my shoulders. Shame that’s the only place. Still it’s given me a bit of encouragement.

Lots to do tomorrow. Including going to a model engineering exhibition, that’ll all be a bit geeky.

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