So Rolf fiddled everything except ‘Two little boys’, ironically. And I got stuck in a lift.

So Sunday I made it to London after the train I was going to get had a delayed connection, so ended up hanging round for ages. Got to London in reasonable time anyway, checked into the hotel and met up with the guys. We had dinner then headed over to the conference registration. Then everyone except me and one work colleague went to bed. We went to the pub.

Up early on the Monday. Now I can’t say anything about the conference itself, it’s the usual mix of stuff you already know, stuff you on’t care about and a few golden gems. Took lots of photos of a colleague eating cake. Had amazing gas all day from the rear end. There was a bit of a party that evening, but it was a bit of a damp squib, after a few points of real ale we all headed back to the hotel. I ate a sandwich and then went to sleep, it was about half ten. Oh, had one fun incident that morning, got in the lift after cleaning my teeth to go to the conference. Started on ground floor. “Doors closing”. Doors closed. Got to floor three. Lift stopped. “Doors opening”. Except they didn’t. “Doors closing”. Okay. Off we went up to floor five. Stopped. “Doors opening”. No they didn’t. Waited and pushed five again. “Doors opening”. Nope. So I grabbed both doors and forced them open, the bottom of the lift was about a foot below the floor level. So I jumped out. The doors snapped closed behind me. I was on floor six. I took the stairs down.

Today was very much the same as yesterday, except with a more disappointing lunch and I almost got eaton by a shark.

Got a peak train back, which I almost missed. It was packed. Jumped in a reserved seat. Thankfully it’s owner never appeared to claim it. It was an express so made it back in reasonable time. Went for a quick run. Had a shower. Ate salad. Back to normal work tomorrow. Lots to do.

Oh, just to mention the Rolf Harris thing. Today he was found guilty on twelve charges of fiddling with little girls. I always liked the guy, there are more people now coming forward. I’m sure there is a lot more to this story than will ever come to light. But it looks like, “Do you know what it is yet?”, will be one of HMS prisons.

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