My new helicopter looks like it’s done a tour of Vietnam

Rudely awoken by the postman. Special delivery of my new helicopter. Work was dull, debugging some skinning issue.

So the new helicopter to the fleet is an Align T-REX 250. It was second hand off ebay, okay I got it dead cheap. This poor baby needs a hell of a lot of TLC. Oddly most of the parts are there, they just aren’t in the correct places. It certainly looks like it’s had a bit of a hard life and flown by a chimp. I think I’m just going to completely strip this one down and rebuild it. None of the servo’s are correctly aligned or anything. It’s going to be a bit of a labour of love this one. But it should be a lovely aircraft when it’s finished. It has a fully driven tail rotor geared from the main rotor, it’s also capable of autorotation.

Went for a run. That was kind of fun. Oddly got back and my legs didn’t hurt. Finished the rough edit on the new video.

I’m getting highly pissed off with a guy at work who takes three and a half hour lunch breaks, I shouldn’t let it get to me, but it’s beginning to get really on my tits.

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