So Mr arrogant sent his quote, and it’s not too bad if slightly confusing

So today I was staring tarmac mainly. Well ground shaders in general. Today was very cold. I walked the dogs, it was still very cold. Booked flying for Sunday. Quote arrived from second plumber. Now it’s a bit confusing as I can’t work out if he’s supplying a granite worktop or not. If he is then he is only seven hundred quid over the other quote and it would probably be worth it, if it doesn’t then we are back to plumber number one, he seems to be a bit thick as regards what I keep telling him and now apparently I have 80% of my walls prepared. Still, he’s over a grand cheaper. So I’ll wait to hear back from him anyway, see if we can negotiate. In the meantime I will continue doing what I was planning to do, which is skim over the missing plaster and flatten off the side of the window. I’ll then tidy it all up and remove the rubbish so at least we can use the loo again.

As it was freezing and blowing a gale I went to spin for the first time in months. It was supposed to be with Laverne, but she was ill so Kate did it. It was fine.

It’s been an odd week. But now it’s time for torture porn.

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