Just found six bottles on New Zealand

So mother now keeps emailing me and FB messaging me about when I want my cake. Can I just send a courier? She also emailed me that she sold some more of the family silver at an auction. To pay for some glasses, in the shape of a Kim & Co. pencil skirt. I may have to invite her round the weekend, don’t know when, hopefully when Jamie is here so I can use him as a bit of a distraction.

Work was dull, all about screen clears. We took the dogs out for a nice long walk lunchtime. I finished at half six, it was very hot. Walked to Harry Stoke and did a cache there, and a bonus one on the way back.

James is back. So booked with him for tomorrow afternoon. Was clearing up the wine bottles and at the back of the pile found a case of New Zealand, which made quite a pleasant surprise.

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