I am the new Martin Garrix, okay, maybe not

Grass. I bloody hate the stuff. Four bloody days I’ve been on it now, with no doubt tomorrow as well. Still, it’s been chilly. Haven’t left the house today actually as it’s been pissing down. I was determined to finish work on time, so finished an hour and a half late. Decided to get Emily out. Spent about an hour sanding the bathroom ceiling. It’s pretty good now. Probably needs about another hour and a bit of touching up around the edges. Still have about a meter to skim though. Hopefully get that all sorted over the weekend. Jumped in the shower. Then finally put the serial number into Traktor Pro, which I bought over week ago. Had about half hour playing about remixing ‘Hereos’ which was actually good fun. Enjoyed playing round with a load of the effects, managed to do a few mixes of it fairly easily. It was good fun. Finally sat down. Then got up again and sorted out all wine. I have almost two hundred bottles. That should at least last me until new year. Torture porn night, actually got a horror tonight. I’m currently joined by both dogs, they must smell cheese.

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