“So half a head of hair highlights”, “Are you taking the piss?”

So this morning started off rather slowly, which to be honest was quite nice. I had nothing special planned for the day to be honest. So got up and found the flip-flops for the holiday. Then took Sasha out for a walk, popped in the vets and booked Dillon in for his shots. Came back and shot a new video, basically it’s an update on my life since February, imported into FCPX and done a very rough edit of the first ten minutes, don’t hold your breath folks, it’s got a hell of a long way to go yet.

Had a light lunch. Stopped off at the hair salon, booked in to see Mitch. She asked, ‘So half a head of hair highlights?’, I thought she was taking the piss until she explained, I still wanted to punch her though. Then headed into town via the cricket shop (as in reptiles). Walked into town, went round T.K. Maxx, didn’t buy anything, walked to Boots, bought some sun cream, waited ages at a till where some foreign women couldn’t understand the concept of paying for something, then moved to a different floor and paid there. Went to the Mac store, where they failed to have what I wanted. Went in the sports store and bought nothing, then walked back to the car, successful trip.

Jamie was about to have a bath, I started on the video edit, then joined him. He washed my hair, badly. I then refused to do anything more until he did a bit of a clean up operation, so did some more editing. Eventually he sent me a text to say he was ready. I then banged him like a jack-hammer breaking through steel, it’s something I’m very good at. Now it’s time to start on the food.

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