Should I get my nails done or a pedicure….

Started pretty early for me and got stuck straight in. Basically spent the entire day working on bugs for this upcoming demo. Had a bit of luck, managed to get the bulk of it sorted. One more day to go. Took the dogs for a walk. Actually ended up finishing at 6. Waited for the rain to stop, then headed out. Walk about four miles to go d a home check. But there wasn’t any adult home so had to abandon it. Emailed them and said they would have to pass it on to someone else. I think I’ve done my fair share of home checks, time to move on. Found one Geocache. Walked home. So that wasn’t bad, about two and a half hours. Did the shopping list. Now sat down. Trying to work out weather to have the free manicure or pedicure at the Virgin upper class lounge.

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