So I finally re-keyed my SSL certificates

Spent the entire day working on clouds again. I vowed never to touch these fuckers again. Still. Made some progress anyway, got rid of a load vertex data that wasn’t required. It’s now dead quick in the vertex department and still bloody heavy in the pixel one. Looked at grout, can’t seem to get a colour chart anywhere, so will have to guess. Think I’m going for some kind of grey.

Walked over to Aztec West and took the drill bit back. Did more work. Finally went for a run. It’s now officially bloody cold. Had shower. Watched deep ITV drama’s. Then finally after yet another reminder email got round to rekeying my SSL certificates. As apparently 1024 bits isn’t enough these days so had to be changed to 2048 bits. Anyway, now after lots of buggering about it’s all done and now valid until May 2016. By then I will either be dead or will have forgotten where to stick the files again.

Dillon off to daycare tomorrow and then more bloody clouds.

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