What no Combat?

Today’s work was all about using less bandwidth. Basically reducing 64 bits of colour data down to 32. This, after many support requests was quite successful. There is one bit still outstanding, which will require more support requests. Also looked at the joys of ‘re_z’ which is a whole fun area to explore. I need to do a lot of performance testing in this area tomorrow.

Walked Sasha. Dillon hid under the bed. Liz was ill, contacted Laverne, but no Combat tonight. Was going to go geocaching but wanted to do something a bit more athletic. So I did an eight mile run, without stopping and cross country. I haven’t managed to achieve that in a long time, all the walking and everything has paid off. My calf muscles hurt now though.

Off meeting ‘GentryAlveston’ tomorrow afterwork. Need to drop the dogs off at the kennels.

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