So you can fly if you are depressed, but not if you are stable and on medication

Today was bloody hectic. Had a shit load to do. Then I checked a load of stuff in in the morning. I was due for my medical at 2PM so I set off at 1:15. When I got to the M5 I realised that I’d forgot to check in an important file, so had to come back. Sure enough on the message board was ‘Tim has gone out of office and left 72 shaders with compile errors’. That would have been fun.

Got to Staverton only five minutes late. Had my class II medical which involved eyes, ears, sight, hearing, reflexes, a full 10 probe ECG, blood pressure, lots of coughing and prodding and of course pissing in a bottle. All was fine, no problem at all. The only sticking point is the Fluoxetine, which isn’t on the list of acceptable SSRI’s. Which is a pain in the ass. So now I either have to change to one of the three recommended, which won’t be a lot of good as I’ve already been on two of them, or come off it completely. I’ll phone my doctor tomorrow, well I phone for an appointment anyway, as the CAA will send him a request for medical history. I’ll probably end up just coming off them early, rather than in six months which was planned. I need to be ‘clean and free of symptoms’ for four weeks. I’m not sure I’ll ever be free of symptoms, but the last thing I’m planning on doing is parking a helicopter in crowded street. It seems a bit strange, but I guess they have their rules for a reason. I think I’d be more depressed if I couldn’t fly solo. It doesn’t really hinder my training as there’s still a shit load I need to learn on dual still, even then there is the advanced stuff that can be moved forward as necessary.

So after all that, drove home, fixed more shit I’d ballsed up then went to the gym. Finally in the evening I sat down and finished the days work off properly and gave it all my concentration. I’m now closer to where I want to be, but not as close as I’d hoped by this stage of the week. It’s all been a bit shit really.

On the positive side, I’ve managed to find a car rental company that doesn’t take the piss when it comes to one-way drop off fees. Now I just want a coupe rather than a Cadillac. I think a convertible isn’t going to be big enough, when the roof is down there is enough space for a small sandwich.

I went to have my dinner. Jamie was cleaning the fridge out and put my stuff on the counter. Sasha promptly ate my chicken. So all I had was a hard boiled egg. No wonder I’m depressed.

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