Bye bye Artex

So today started with a text from Captain James saying ‘I think we should wait for a nice day during the week’, which either means the weather was cack over Staverton of he’d had a bit of a heavy night. Either way, I went back to bed. Got up at a sensible time and had breakfast. I was going to shoot a new video today but Jamie was here, so instead I said we’d do another strange colab one. He suggested the ‘Tin food challenge’. So off we went and bought twelve random tins of foodstuffs. We came back, got right on it and produced about half hour of raw footage. We then drove off into town, decided there was nothing we actually wanted so stopped off in Toolstation and then drove to Cribbs, where we also failed to buy anything.

Came back and I put a little test patch on the bathroom ceiling. Left it for about half an hour and sure enough, with a scraper it takes all the Artex off. So tomorrow there’s a big job ahead of covering the whole ceiling with it and getting rid of the lot. Plus a couple of extra fun jobs of sealing the windows and going down the tip. But if it all goes to plan tomorrow I should end up with a fairly flat ceiling.

Edited the video, it’s now encoding and will shortly be uploading. I’ll probably make it live tomorrow and put a link in here. Now Jamie is about to cook, I may have been better off with what was in some of those tins.

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