Brief moments of euphoria

Work wise was a bit dull. Still working on shader constants. As it turns out the work I’ve been doing isn’t that effective and I need to redo it in a completely different way. Shit happens, it’s just one of those things, but until you do it, you just don’t know. Anyway, that’s now a job for next week, at least then I can attack it when I’m not ill.

Had a talk with the boss, sorted out my time off for my road trip. I’ve been with this company for seven years, so taking a bit of a career break wasn’t too much of a problem. While I was talking to him Jamie had his holiday confirmed at the same time.

So this is it then, we are going, the time is booked off. We have about three and a half weeks, Jamie has a month. We have a shit load of Tesco vouchers we are converting into air miles. We are flying first class. We are going to fly to LAX and then drive across the USA. We’ll then end up in NYC. I’ve got no bloody idea what we are going to see between the two apart from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. May be able to get DC in or something, may be some theme parks.

It will be the ‘great American road trip’. I’m planning on vlogging the entire thing and editing it on the go. I’ve ordered a Macbook Air (shiny) to do the editing on. I’m looking at a Canon 650D to do the video on.

I was briefly happy.

We went and saw ‘Anchorman II’ at the cinema, it was fairly funny but a bit silly. Made a nice change though.

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