So I bought another saw

Got up to look at my swelling flooring. Ordered a small circular saw. It’s not for the flooring, it’s for removing Jamie’s head. Got an email to say that Penn & Teller was canceled. Which is rather annoying. Finished off doing shader stuff in the morning. In the afternoon I did shader stuff. At least it was on the compiler and not dull stuff, it was actually quite interesting.

Went to the gym and hit the cross trainer. Came back and reassembled the CX2 with the new body kit. That all works nicely. Then had salad, followed by macaroni cheese, then toast, then more cheese. For some reason I was very hungry. Tried to catch up on more television. USA trip is all slowly coming together. Costing a hell of a lot of money. It had a budget, I just can’t remember what it was and I’ve probably exceeded it anyway. Still got a hell of a lot of work to do before hand though.

I think we are planning on making a new video tomorrow.

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