So at 4AM I went to buy a piano and almost had an affair

Even though I was completely exhausted I still failed to get to sleep. At about 4AM I was drowning in my own sweat so got up and went in the spare room. There I actually drifted off pretty quickly. I decided I needed to buy a piano, so ended up in a shop which I’d apparently been in before, owned by some guy and his mother. No idea about the mother but the guy was really cute, he was in his mid-twenties, so it was quite odd, I usually lose interest by the time they have their A-level results. Anyway we got chatting, we ended up on the couch talking about god knows what. After about an hour of talking bollocks he turned and asked if I was going to stay the night. I gave him a big kiss, then showed him my ring, said thanks for the offer, but that I was married. I never did get the fucking piano.

Woke up and spent quite a long time implementing fences. These are not the sort you put round a garden. Although, oddly they were required around the grass code. I had a problem where the grass was being produced async, but due to various GPU buffer weirdness it was possible to do a buffer overwrite. So I had to add an end of pipe fence to just after the buffer was last used, this was to make sure the async event didn’t tank the buffer. Anyway, after multiple cups of coffee and lots of cruising porn I finally had that working. Then spent a few hours trying to fix a bug in a system that wasn’t working, then found out that system never worked anyway so gave up on that. I’ll probably rip it all out tomorrow just to tidy it up a bit. I spent the rest of the day starting to go through my vast outstanding bug list, thankfully a lot of them I’m passing on to other people.

Went for a run, about four minutes slower tonight, got held up in a couple of places by bad traffic. Finished editing part one of new video, it covers depression and mother, they are actually two separate subjects, but so easily be combined. Tonight I’m looking forward to going fishing with Adam Rickitt and then banging him senseless on my private yacht.

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