Today I took a leaf out of my mothers book and did some stripping

Didn’t sleep a wink last night, no idea why. Tried sleeping in the guest room, had no effect. Drank a bottle of Smirnoff Ice in about 30 seconds at 5AM, had no effect.

So ended up having breakfast at about 11AM after still not sleeping. Got on with stuff. First cleaned up the last of the kling strip off the last wall, then got on with pain stripping the door. I got through near enough an entire tin of Nitromors and it still isn’t clean. Jamie came down in the afternoon and said, “Hadn’t you better open a window or something?”, they were playing ‘Fly me to the moon’, on the radio, very apt.

Anyway, door is mostly done. I reckon the room will need at least two vats of paint stripper to finish the door and do the skirting boards. It’s a long on going project, but the good news is at least it is on going and not stopped. Little and often…I do very little, often. Anyway, bath, cooking and the first Grand Prix of the season, it only seems like two weeks ago the last one finished.

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