I think Tesco vouchers for Virgin airmiles then

So woke up and had breakfast. Okay, I woke up, dogs annoyed me until I fed them, so fed myself at the same time. Cruised porn, walked the dogs. Had a quick sausage roll (that’s not a euphemism).

Drove to Staverton. Considering the weather has been piss poor all week, when I got there it was clear with virtually zero wind. Up we went in G-GJCD, I took it from about 50 feet. Today we did more ascents and descents but this time while performing 360 degree turns. My level-offs and roll-outs were pretty much perfect. I then flew it to a hover reasonably well. Spent some time hovering, not very good today. I think actually the other R22 hovers better. Did a few landings and take-offs.

I won another heli on ebay and it was in Tewkesbury, so I swung by and picked it up. It needs a new central shaft as it can’t even take off without falling over, so ordered a load of parts for that.

Looking into swapping our 400 odd quids worth of Tesco vouchers for Virgin reward miles. Worked out we can get two premium economy seats to LA and just pay the taxes, so will probably do that.

I’m cooking tonight, so quick bath and then on with the curry. DIY day tomorrow.

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