So shite customer services from BroadBandBuyer and currently a gold star for Draytek

Still got no reply from regarding the Vigor 120. So on the of chance I sent a mail to Draytek tech support. Oddly within an hour I had a form to fill in for an RMA. So after a quick scan of the dispatch note I sent it off and within another hour I had the RMA and the return instructions. I’ll post it off tomorrow and see how well they do from there.

Work wise, still working on some audio stuff. All sounds very nice. Did new builds, including a new iOS one. It looks like I’ll be doing something else for a while now until I come back from Japan. It was coming almost to a natural end anyway without some more design input.

Went for a run. Then came back and took the dog to the vet for her kennel cough booster. She was fairly good, but must be said she’s not really a vet fan.

Did some more work, then got on to my next Japanese lesson. Didn’t get through all of this one, feeling a bit tired.

Dog off to daycare in the morning, then probably finish off the last nights Japanese lesson. Need to go to the post office as well to sent that modem off.

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