So finally booked to start the PPL(H)

Sweated like hell last night. That’s what happens when I don’t drink anything, my body get’s rid of all it’s moisture in objection. At one stage we took the duvet off and turned it over as it was so wet. I got bored at 6AM and let the dogs out and towelled off. The bed stinks, one day we may change the duvet. The cleaners are coming tomorrow, they may condemn it.

Work was back on doing what I was supposed to be doing, which is fine, except I’m waiting on bits from 3rd party companies which is always a bit annoying. Still plenty to keep me occupied at the moment.

Went out early evening and looked for a cache, didn’t find it, but did find the magnet. Then found another one and had another look for one I looked for previously, and still didn’t find it.

Made a phone call to captain Kenwright, who’s now moved companies to one across the car park. Still he seemed okay, so will happily stick with him. It’s £312 a pop. Multiply that by about 60, in fact don’t, it will scare you. Anyway, booked for a late one on Thursday, weather looks good then so should be fun. I get to fly all of it this time and do an off airport landing, last time I tried that I almost took a tree out. And then their’s hovering, probably the less said about that the better.

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