So are 7 redeem codes for every atom of a human for every human on earth going to be enough?

This morning was back on to Java stuff. Got my client / server all working nicely together now. Just trying to add extras and robustness. Did take a bit of a break this afternoon to come up with something the produces ‘redeem codes’, you know the things that you get sent and they unlock x/y/z. Trying to produce unique codes is quite interesting. I worked on using a random number generator from a given seed, that then produced a combination of numbers. I’ve now managed to produce enough redeem codes for every atom in a human body for every human on earth. Oh and they can have seven of them and they will all be unique. Somehow I don’t think we will ever run out. Then it was back on to more Java network stuff. Added CRC32 checks and message lengths and things. Also adding support for multiple message and split packets.

Walked the dog, she found a tennis ball fairly early on and kept it in her mouth for the entire walk. She brought it back with her and now is asleep on the bed with it. Tomorrow I’m sure she’ll just eat it. Went to the gym and did Body Combat, was fun, replacement instructor today, she was fairly mad. Now I think it’s time for salad.

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