I resisted the urge to buy any more helicopters

Actually woke up with the alarm at 6:30 which is unusual, I usually pre-empt it. Took Sasha to daycare and then went back to bed. Woke up late.

Got straight on with work. Had an interesting matrix problem to solve. Got there in the end. Front end all complete now. Now on to the next stage which is even more complicated.

Picked Sasha up, then went for a run. Did a bit more work and finished early evening. Sat down and watched the second half of the Japanese grand prix, which was considerably better than the first half.

Cruised ebay. I have my eye on a set of headphones that are currently under half new price, still fucking expensive though.

2 thoughts on “I resisted the urge to buy any more helicopters

  1. Curious as to what headphones you were checking out. I generally just make sure I have multiple pairs of Memorex. I’d die (or kill someone) if I didn’t have an active pair in the gym.

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