Rage buggies and dog shows

So yesterday started off far too early for a Saturday. I had breakfast and then took the dogs for a long walk. After they were suitably knackered I then got in the car and drove up to Windsor. This for our company summer ‘jolly’. It was at the bosses country residence. It wasn’t bad for a semi, only 4 acres of garden though and the pool wasn’t very big. There was a catering company there doing various burgers and stuff and an outside bar serving champagne. After two glasses I stuck to the beer otherwise I would have been completely shit faced. After about an hour of yacking we were divided up into three teams and off we went for activities. We started on the ‘Rage Buggies’ which were great fun. We were instructed to use right foot only for throttle and brake. So as soon as we got in of course we were all left foot braking and thrashing the hell out of the things. After buggies we recharged at the bar and then did ‘laser clays’, which is basically clay pigeon shooting without the cartridges. It was pretty fun through we all had a good laugh. Finally after more burgers and beers it was time for quad bikes, this was also great. Anyway, didn’t win anything, but overall our team ‘won’ so we all have a tacky medal.

More drink was consumed. It’s true that most of the company are pretty ugly. There are a couple of cute artists though. It was also very nice to see my colleague there who only three weeks ago had an operation for tongue cancer, considering, he looked fabulous. At about 9PM we all got into taxis and went to a rather nice little hotel in central Windsor. After a brew and a shower we all descended into the bar for more beers and a selection of egg crest sandwiches, which were followed by more egg crest sandwiches. Went to bed.

Woke up at about 6AM, went back to sleep. Managed in the end to get up at about 8:45. Went down to breakfast, wasn’t feeling too bad. Met up with others, had breakfast and vast amounts of black coffee. The serving boys were very cute, there was a couple I would have quite happily jumped. Jenna commented that aren’t they a big young and don’t I want some one with a more mature front end. We need to have a discussion.

Got into a Taxi with a colleague and went back to bosses house to pick up the car. Then drove home via two more Gromits.

Then the family got in the car and we all drove to Ashton Court for the Hollyhedge fun dog show. We walked round for a bit and then got rained on. That eventually stopped. I registered both dogs for ‘best rescue’. We went for a good walk around the place as everything was running late. The sun came out, we queued up with far too many dogs to be interviewed. Sasha did her usual jump up and mug everyone. Dillon just sat there and looked cute. Sasha won a ‘highly recommended’, Dillon won bugger all. We hung around for the raffle and also didn’t win anything on that. Got in the car just in time for it to piss down. Drove home. I then popped out and got petrol. Did about an hours flying, then did all the accounts. Printed out the Visa’s for Turkey.

There was a thing through the door from the police about complaints about pavement parking in this road, my favourite subject. They said they would start ticketing people, is there a god after all?

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