One has now eaten salad

So took the dog to daycare. For once the alarm woke me up, I normally pre-empt it somewhat. The day was mainly spent doing two things. One I can’t talk about much, but it’s to do with suspension, anti-roll bars and application of force. The physics are correct, may be a bit too correct, it may need to become a bit un-correct for the sake of playability.

The other thing I worked on involved reading a lot.

Went for a long run. Picked up the dog. Then did some more Japanese. I’m going through the review unit at the moment. I’m supposed to be writing out all the dialogue in Japanese, considering I can’t even spell in English I’m writing it out in English. But it does mean I’m getting through it a bit quicker.

Had a shower. Ate salad. Wine free evening. Still puzzling about that anti-roll bar.

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