And now, almost normality

So today was about to start early then the shopping turned up, still got it out the way.

Oh, to finish the Turkey story off, on the Saturday I think I had breakfast, ate yet another pizza for lunch and drank far too much beer. In the evening we went to the Italian again and I had yet more sea-bass. We had a nice chat to a couple, then sat at a bar and listened to a band then another bar. It’s all a bit of a blur really, I drank so much that week I’m still feeling bloated now. I put on about seven pounds in weight, most of it I’m sure is liquid.

So worked all the way up to a late lunch when I picked the dogs up. Sasha was mega excited to see me, Dillon on the other hand wanted to stay behind and play with his new mates. He seems to have grown, mind you they got through 6Kg of food in ten days, which is a hell of a lot. They travelled home fine and got settled right back in.

I did some more work then went on to Combat, I could feel my stomach jump up and down. It was still great fun though. Came back and did a bit more work, then practised some more hovering.

No watching the Singapore GP, think I’ll have an early night tonight and do some helicopter reading. Tomorrow will be an ordinary day, except for the bit where I fly the helicopter.

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