Nihongo wa, chotto wakarimasu yo

Woken up at 8AM by Mr Virgin Media. He had gastric flu and all the charisma of a table. Changed my four year old box for a new HD one. No HD channels though, that took a phone call to India later in the day. When I spoke to the guy ‘Richard’, he rebooted the box remotely, I said I’d be impressed if he could open the curtains, he replied that he didn’t know what a curtain was. Anyway, I now have Channel Five HD, it’s just a shame it shows nothing but shit.

Today I was working on more physics stuff. Ended up having to think about how to draw a cylinder. Fun fun. Went for a run, did more physics.

Finished off then did some more Japanese. I’m now at the end of unit 2, know 97 words and actually getting the hang of it. So providing you want to know how to say “The Dog’s key is inside Tokyo train station”, I’m your man. It’s not a cheap course mind you, a couple of hundred quid. But it seems to be working and I’m enjoying it.

More paint stripper arrived, that’s my weekend sorted.

Anyway, torture porn night. Haven’t had one of those in a while.

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