Home check and caching around the UWE

Today was spent mostly working on render code, well converting render code from one platform to another. While mainly listening to Glastonbury sets.

Walked the dog as swapped with Jamie for tomorrow. Updated the shopping list.

Getting quite excited about tomorrow, I’ll either love it, hate it, or die.

Went and did a recheck on a couple of dogs, both were quite mad. Lovely people, lovely dogs, no problems there. It was situated by the UWE so I parked up in a lay-by there and got the GPS out. Had a good run, found three in quick succession then a couple of DNF’s, which is a shame. Ended up clambering up a few hills and having a great view of the M32. Stung to hell by nettles again.

Torture porn night, second attempt at that Danny Dyer film.

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