Heliguy.com you are about to incur my wrath

Today work was hard. Very hard. But also rather productive. Let’s just say I gave up on the manufacturers debugging tools and ended up writing my own. Their were more problems with the debugger than I had in my code. Managed to trace a few problems quickly and got things sorted. I’ve still got a hell of a long way to go and a load more hard work in the coming weeks.

Worked through lunch, but went for an eight mile run early evening. Didn’t stop at all, kept going all of it, felt really good. Came back and done a couple more hours, then did a bit of flying on the simulator.

Now heliguy.com…..I bought a helicopter from you a few weeks ago. I crashed it, knowing that you say you stock all the parts. I ordered parts, they don’t fit. Apparently they can’t help. This is going to be interesting. If you buy a brand new car and three weeks later you prang the wheel into a kerb and need a new stub axle, then go back to the dealership and they say ‘sorry we don’t stock that any more’, wouldn’t you be a little pissed off? I think it’s time to get heavy and start suing people, it’s been a while, I’ve missed it. I may look at upgrading the whole headset to alloy though, as it’ll be stronger and all the same bloody size.

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