Happy birthday blog. Although celebrations are a bit of a damp squib.

This morning started with a hangover. I didn’t start work until about 11, I just wasn’t in the mood. Had breakfast and fed the dog. Then finally did make a start. The VPN decided to not let me in so had to fart around with that. When I finally did get on with work though it was quite a productive day. Lots of renderer code, going back over the ‘todo’s’ and doing them. Quite pleased with progress although my heart wasn’t really in it, I was happy with the distraction.

Walked the dog, because of the heat she was as enthusiastic as I was, so we kept it sort. I did drag myself to the gym and do Combat, which I was quite pleased with. I enjoyed it. There was a fairly reasonable looking new guy at the back who had the coordination of a pissed giraffe. Came back did some more work, then went over to Sarah’s and watered her plants, although it’s fairly academic as it looks like it will piss down soon. Still, there’s a limit to how much I want dying this week.

Came back and did yet more work. Fucked up a couple of checkins, although they looked fine originally, brain not firing on all cylinders. Anyway, may sit down and watch a film now, in the mood for that, not much else. Need to go to doctors and pick up my prescription as I’m out of happy pills. Now in that very strange ‘limbo time’, between death and funeral. I’ll write an obituary at some point, just not right now.

Oh yes, the blog is one year old. Jamie said I’d never keep it up. I kept the paper diary up for twenty-four years. There’s been a new entry near enough everyday, you try and come up with something witty to say.

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