Gary, you may be 55, but you’re still rocking it

Started late as I had a bit of a headache, which wasn’t ideal as I was finishing early.

Still working on optimisation stuff. All went okay actually. Walked the dogs. Finished off at about half five then went to the gym. Did spin class.

Came back and there was an ambulance blocking my drive, later followed by a bigger one. I parked down the road.

We ventured off into town and parked up. Walked to the O2 academy. As expected Jamie was probably the youngest one there. I put my coat in the cloakroom and then left Jamie at the side of the mosh pit, I managed to work my way pretty close to stage. Two 8 foot blokes managed to stand in front of me. Thankfully, Mr tall decided he needed another pint so I got in front of him, found another gap and moved into it. I had a pretty good view now. Gary was brilliant. I’ve seen him through various phases, the first time I saw him I think I was about 14. Although I found the original programme and it says ’80’ but I don’t think I was 8. I must admit he looks more comfortable now than any time I’ve seen him in the past. He was just dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. His bassist was very cute, although he probably wasn’t born the first time I saw Numan. I’m not sure he even has his own hair any more, although he had a good mop of it. He went through a couple of oldies and a few tracks from his new album. He did about an hour and a quarter. We had to wait for the encore for the classics, he did another three numbers.

It was all fairly relaxed and a good crowd. There was a a young guy in front of me, but mainly the crowd was forty plus. It’s strange, the first time I saw him, it was all teens and early twenty’s. People were jumping around like loons and invading the stage, they were all thinking that afterwards they would go out and smash up a car and mug a pensioner. Now, the same people are still there, twenty five years later, but now they are thinking, “I’ve got six radiators to fit tomorrow I hope there’s enough lock shield valves in the van or I’ll need to call into plumbase.” At the end of the concert everyone filed out politely, okay there were a few pissed old blokes.

I didn’t even get stuck in the car park on the way out. So a good night, I really enjoyed it. Jamie I don’t think enjoyed so much, it’s not quite Britney Spears.

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