Finally ordered the arcade cabinet

Started reasonably early as I was expecting the Tesco delivery, which in the end was late. Working on basic profiling and performance today. All going fine, found an interesting problem with the frame flip that got me back a load of milliseconds. Loads still to do though.

Finally got round to calling Lloyd and putting a deposit on the arcade cabinet on the proviso that we get to see a mock up of the front artwork first. After all, it is rather expensive.

Went to pump, really put quite a lot of effort in tonight, increased all my weights. Done a good effort all week really, gym every night. Really got back into the classes and enjoying it again.

Anyway, bath time. Hopefully get a chance to play with the heli’s tomorrow. Want to set up the V2 after I’ve carried out a small repair. Would be nice to hook up the dx6i as well, see how time goes.

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