Did Axl Rose really think he was stylish in 1992?

Got up far too early and took dog to daycare. Went back to bed. Then back on to renderer code. Today was quite fun as I actually started compiling stuff, lots of work still to do there.

Picked up dog in afternoon, came back and finished off work. Then went flying. Well virtual flying. I managed to take off fine from Gloucester and then fly down the M5 and land at Filton airport. Managed to get the visuals set up nicely so the compass was correctly on the horizon at 70 knots. Landing was also pretty good, then practised a bit of hovering. I really need to get some peddles to do it properly, now I know the flight sim is actually pretty accurate I’ll invest in some.

My new travel bugs arrived for Geocaching, so I’ve attached one to a plastic cocktail glass (which I got from a game machine in Weymouth) and given it a mission of going to a cocktail bar in Manhattan, which seems quite appropriate. I went out this evening and dropped it off into a cache over in Woodhouse Down. Also picked up another one while I was there.

Got back and checked facebook, someone had posted a video of Gun N’ Roses playing in Tokyo in 1992. It’s a great song, but dear Axl, did he really think he looked good wearing very short white lycra shorts?

My thoughts are with a dear close friend of mine at the moment who is currently in hospital, we send our love.

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