Calm after the storm

Today started with a certain calmness. I let the dogs out for a pee and went back to bed. Jamie git up and fed the dogs and fed me. We stayed in bed until well after lunchtime, I wasn’t overly tired but just needed the rest, it’s been a very stressful couple of weeks.

I rang mother up as she wanted to see the new dog. I picked up all the dog poo and made boiled eggs. Mother arrived, she showed me wedding photos of someone who I’ve met about twice. Sasha mugged her, Dillon wagged his tail. She vanished.

I then went out and parked up at Oldland. Out with the GPS I found four more Geocaches, that takes me over 100 now. Came back and did the accounts. Updated the server and WordPress.

We then wandered over to the Hollow Tree pub just down the road. For pub food it was fine. Tripadvisor review duly done. I’ll watch a bit of telly and then have a bath. While in the pub I ordered an ice maker, no real idea why, it’s a gadget I guess.

I must welcome my new stalker. That must take my readership to about six now, well probably actually five as I don’t know what the wi-fi coverage is like in heaven.

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